Championing the GE15 Narration


The current shift in the political landscape has increased the talk about the 15th General Election among the politicians, media, and public.



Among all the politicians, it is prominent that UMNO’s Deputy President, Mohamad Hasan has emerged to become the top influencer over time as shown in the data.





Interestingly, the data has also depicted that the PAS’ president, Abdul Hadi Awang has also become prominent in the influencers list, possibly due to the association with Muafakat Nasional coalition.





Aside from that, it is visible that the increasing talk about GE15 is paralleled accordingly to the news exposure of the SRC International topic which was amplified by the media.



Significantly, it has caused significant UMNO influencers such as Najib Razak, Ismail Sabri Yaakob, and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to appear in the trending keywords of the GE15 topic.





While the recent development in the SRC International case has infiltrated the data, it is also visible that almost all political parties have appeared in the data, mostly due to the rising talk that was caused by the case.



Regardless, the rising talk about forming coalitions, ‘poster boy’, and possible candidates is only the beginning as the parties have started to ramp up their preparation for the upcoming GE15.