Mixed Reactions on Final Verdict of Najib’s SRC Case


The final appeal of the former prime minister, Najib Razak on the SRC International case has received massive attention by the media, either internationally or domestically.



The final verdict of the federal court has found Najib guilty, which the former prime minister will serve his 12-year jail sentence and pay his RM210 million fine.



The closure of the four-year trial has received mixed reaction in the social media sphere, as could be seen from the social network analysis related to Najib Razak and UMNO keywords.





One of the accounts that appeared to be prominent in the network, BadBoy2662 has mentioned several significant individuals that was said to contribute in the ‘justice’ for Najib’s case.



Furthermore, the tweet also said that when Najib was still a prime minister, he would do anything to cover up the 1MDB scandal with the support from Zahid Hamidi.



Another account that appeared in the top cluster, apanakdikato has questioned the royal pardon for the former prime minister and compared it with Anwar Ibrahim, saying that the Opposition leader had served his jail sentences before he granted the pardon.





The social network analysis also captured tweets that seemed to be supporting Najib Razak even after the verdict. One of them is presidenumnoazh, in which the account has expressed its ongoing support for the former prime minister.



Another account that seemed to be supporting Najib and UMNO is DonDanial20, which has tweeted a comparison of reactions between UMNO’s supporters and Anwar Ibrahim’s supporters after the court verdict.