Chinese Media Takes on GE15






China media begins the coverage on the possible of GE-15 in April, eye focus on the movement of party and coalition.



According to the bar chart of news exposure regarding the 15th General Election, the news exposure is relatively high for most of the time when compared to other issues. Among all, the highest point was marked on 19 March at 74.





As shown, the biggest contributor of media share for the 15th general election issue is Sin Chew Daily as it takes 22.8% of share, followed by Chinapress and Oriental Daily at 19.45% and 15.81% respectively.





Tree map above illustrates that election is highlighted the most for the GE15 issue. Besides, UMNO is the political party which is spotlighted by Chinese media the most. Other than that, PH, DAP, PKR and BN are also highlighted for GE15 while PN is not highlighted.



In addition, ‘collaborate’ also is the highlight of the media which may indicate that they’re concerned about collaboration between political parties for the upcoming GE15.





The bubble chart depicts that PH is leading the narration for the 15th general election issue when UMNO is highlighted more by Chinese media, as shown in the previous tree map.



Notably, Loke Siew Fook in PH is the top influencer whose statements are far more than other influencers for the GE15 issue. Other than that, Rafizi Ramli and Lim Guan Eng are also quoted for GE15.



For BN, Ahmad Zahid is quoted the most and it’s followed by Najib Razak. Meanwhile, Ismail Sabri was not quoted when he was nominated as Prime Minister candidate in UMNO. On the other hand, Muhyiddin Yasin and Dominic Lau How Chai are quoted for PN whereas Shafie Apdal from WARISAN also is quoted for GE15.