Dun Melaka Catching Media’s Attention

Attention on Melaka State legislative assembly gain substantially after the Speaker of the Melaka State Legislative Assembly, Ab Rauf Yusoh announced the dissolution of Dun Melaka.


The dissolution has been gaining media attention as the news exposure for Dun Melaka’s topic reached its peak during the announcement on 5th October. On the same day, it was also announced that a state election will be held in the next 60 days.



The announcement that a state election would be held has been one of the dominant issues related to the Dun Melaka topic, overtaking the issue related to the dissolution of Dun Melaka, as could be seen from the graph below.



According to the topic’s influencers list below, Idris Haron appeared as the top three on DUN Melaka issues as he claimed that he was prepared to follow the leadership of Pakatan Harapan (PH). In fact, the media has quoted 223 of his statements regarding DUN Melaka.


Other UMNO leaders like Ahmad Zahid and Ab Rauf Yusoh also become the top topic influencers as the media quoted 244 of Ahmad Zahid’s statements and 201 of Ab Rauf Yusoh’s statements regarding the issue.



At the same time, PH stated that they will challenge the legitimacy of Melaka interim government led by former Chief Minister Sulaiman Md Ali in court.