Media focused on interstate travel, data illustrates

The announcement of reopening of interstate travel received a lot of media attention.


On the day prime minister Ismail Sabri announced that fully vaccinated citizens were allowed to cross the state borders without permit, the news exposure of interstate travel increased dramatically.


The graph below shows that the news exposure of interstate travel reached its peak on 10 October as Ismail Sabri made the announcement. However, the exposure dropped sharply on the next day.



The pie chart below illustrates that there is more than 85% of the news title sentiments regarding interstate travel during October were neutral and positive.


Media are using mostly positively connotated words, and indicating that many citizens especially those who rely on tourists to survive were looking forward for the reopening.



The topic influencers list regarding interstate travel issue shows that Ismail Sabri was rise from top 3 during 5th – 7th October 2021 to top 1 during 8th – 10th October.


The Minister of Sabah Local Government and Housing Ministry, Masidi Manjun was existed in the influencers list during 8th to 10th October. It was because of he announcing that Covid-19 Disaster Management Committee will decide on interstate travel on 13 October.



Besides, the Senior Defence Minister, Hishamuddin Hussein also urged people to be aware on Covid-19 threats and always follow SOPs even after the interstate travel was allowed.


At the same time, Ismail Sabri also mentioned that self-test for Covid-19 was not a compulsory before travel, but it was highly encouraged in order to protect people and their family.