Exchange between Prime Minister and TMJ heats up despite Rome Statute withdrawn

Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim (TMJ) is no stranger on voicing his opinions on the federal government and their ongoing activities. The same applies to Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s opinions on Malaysian royalty.


Yesterday, the Prime Minister straightforwardly said TMJ is free to voice his opinions like any other citizens if his comments are not seditious. If he does steps over the line, Tun M claims he would take action against him.


Additionally, Tun M reminded TMJ that the latter is not above the law, although he is a royalty. The Prime Minister further stated the fact that TMJ is a citizen and nothing more.


In retaliation, TMJ accepted Tun M’s challenge to act against him. TMJ said: “Please. If I have to go down for upholding the constitution, the Malay Rulers, and Islam, by all means. You know where to find me.”


In fact, Johor has a special status compared to the other Malaysian states, such as having own power over land and water, and personal Royal Johor Military Force (which protects the royal family and can never be disbanded).


Naturally, Johorians support their rulers. The Johor population is respectively categorized by City Population, based on age, ethnicity, and gender.


Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, Mahathir Mohamad, TMJ, Johor, royalty, Rome Statute


Moreover, the people’s support is reflected in the responses gathered from TMJ’s tweets.


Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, Mahathir Mohamad, TMJ, Johor, royalty, Rome Statute


This is not Tun M’s first rodeo with the Malaysian royalty. During his first tenure, the 1993 amendments to the Constitutions of Malaysia was passed in the Dewan Rakyat, thus removing the legal immunity of the royalty.


With the Rome Statute and ICERD further decaying the ties between Johor royalties and the federal government, it does not seem like they will make amends anytime soon.