Familiar faces for PD by-election

On September 11, PKR Danyal Balagopal vacate his parliamentary seat in Port Dickson for his party president Anwar Ibrahim to contest. If Anwar win the by-election, he will be a MP, which is prerequisite of becoming a Prime Minister. However, the by-election received criticisms from the public for being unnecessary as Danyal is able-bodied to serve the people in his constituency.


Consequently, the by-election gathered six other candidates, trying to stop Anwar from winning the MP seat for free. Among the six other candidates, there are former UMNO politician Isa Samad, who served as the Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan for 22 years, and Saiful Bukhari, the victim of Anwar’s second sodomy case.



Despite having 7 candidates for the by-election, we can see that only three of them attracted the media attention due to their history. From the influencers list of Port Dickson by-election, we can see that the top three candidates are Anwar Ibrahim, Isa Samad and Saiful Bukhari.