Flood Steal Covid-19 light

The worse flood happened in Malaysia in the recent year successfully taken some media attention from the Pandemic, but overall coverage on Covid-19 remains strong.



The media started to highlight on the flood situation in July where Johor was the first state to be impacted by the flood. The topic garnered attention once again in November where several states were impacted by the flood.


However, the flood situation did not cause the media to shift their attention from the pandemic to one of the worst floods to have happen in Malaysia.



The media mainly focused on the flood worsening particularly in Pahang, the worst state to have been impacted by the flood.


Pahang have received more than 20,000 flood victims which has caused the evacuation centers to be full and victims having no choice but to move elsewhere.



On Another hand, the news coverage around Covid-19 had been deemed down slightly, although Malaysia see an increase in positive cases in November and December, that had caused another lockdown for the country.


According to KKMM data, Malaysia new infection cases stood at above 1,000 a days level since the beginning of November, and had since on an ever increasing trend.