Malaysia Media creating fear over vaccines

Media focusing at fear creation over vaccination, emphasizing on rare side effects of vaccination.



With Malaysia decision to vaccinate 80% of Malaysia by Q1 of 2022, The news exposure on the topic of vaccine have been quite steady with most days received 200 news and 400 news coverage.


However, others than talking about the vaccination procurement process in the country, Malaysia media focus greatly on the side effects and exceptional cases of vaccines.


The most recent events on the narration shift is the Norway incident where 24 elderly people dies after taking the vaccine.


Besides, alternative news site also propagating the misinformation of Pfizer using toxic Placebo in the vaccine trial to make the vaccine appears to be safer.



Several media use the death as the main headline of the news creating fear and doubt to the people that read the headlines.


Anti-vaccines had always been a problem in the country, due to anti-vaxxers propaganda, Malaysia see first reported polio case in 27 years.