Four former assemblymen join PH in next PRN Melaka?

Media focusing on the 4 Melaka assemblymen, Idris Haron, Norhizam Baktee, Ahmad Hassan and Effandi Ahmad after they announced to revoke their support from Melaka PN government.


A day after the 4 assemblymen joined an activity organised by PH on 18th October, some PH leaders especially DAP leaders opposed strongly for allowing the assemblymen to contest in PRN Melaka with PH’s logo.


Horhizam Hassan Baktee was the one who had been mentioned the most by the DAP leaders among those 4 assemblymen.


“Norhizam Hassan Baktee” is among the keywords’ word cloud regarding PH issues during 19th -21st October.



Meanwhile, Norhizam Baktee exists within the topic influencers list for 19th – 21st October as media  quoted Norhizam’ statements regarding PH’s issues during 19th – 21st October.



The data of the comparison of Media Share regarding political coalitions’ issues during 19th to 21st October shows that the media Ar Risalah, i3investor, Free Malaysia Today and Astor Awani were the most active media in reporting on coalition issues.



Besides of DAP leaders, Anak Muda Keadilan (AMK) also opposed against the decision to cooperate with those 4 assemblymen in PRN Melaka next month.