PRN Melaka: Zahid Hamidi taking over the spotlight

Zahid Hamidi’s statements have caused the shift in media’s focus when it comes to issues pertaining the Melaka state elections.


As seen in the media intelligence, the topic influencers list below shows that Zahid Hamidi took over the narration on the Melaka state elections during the 11th to 13th September.


Previously, Khairy Jamaluddin was the main narrator for this topic after the health minister stated that social gatherings related to state elections in the state will be prohibited.



Meanwhile, the media framing on PRN Melaka received mostly negative sentiments especially in early October as seen in the media intelligence.


This was partly due to the political crisis in Melaka after the withdrawal of support of four assemblymen, Norhizam Baktee, Idris Haron, Effandi Ahmad and Ahmad Hassan which triggered the collapse of the state government.



Following that, Idris Haron, Effandi Ahmad and Ahmad Hassan were fired by their parties, UMNO and BERSATU after they revoked their support.


The data below illustrates that Zahid Hamidi and UMNO Melaka were the prime focus regarding state Melaka during the 11th to 13th October.



This might be due to the Zahid Hamidi’s statement about UMNO’s refusal to cooperate with BERSATU and PAS in the incoming state elections.