Fuel Subsidy Bills in Focus




The chart shows the focus of the media on fuel subsidy, following the close discussion between Petronas Dagangan Sdn Bhd (PetDag) and Ministry of Finance to increase the bills of fuel subsidy due to the rise of global oil prices which will impact Malaysia.



PetDag will continue to assist and collaborate with the Malaysian government as well as the wider oil and gas industry.



In regards to a tenfold increase in the cost of subsidising fuels to RM2 billion in January due to rising crude oil prices, the government would examine its oil product subsidy method.





Being the one to study the possible methods for the subsidy bills and work relatively with PetDag, MoF happened to be one of the leading organizations in the Petronas topic.



The news regarding Petronas are also mainly focusing on the government is taking inventiveness to work with PetDag to finalize and ensure a smooth model the country can adopt, understanding that Malaysia and other nations are in a difficult situation as a result of rising crude oil prices.





The ongoing discussion between MoF and PetDag in raising the subsidy for fuel bills has made Petroliam Nasional Berhad the most used keyword by the media in Petronas topic.



Concerning that, the group claimed to have witnessed a substantial improvement over the previous financial year with a strong first-quarter result, hence leading to this discussion.



Meanwhile, the government intends to evaluate the fuel and cooking oil subsidy mechanism in order to make it more focused at assisting and subsidising vulnerable groups and those who truly require assistance.





Following the government’s ambition to grow the O&G business in Malaysia, it can be seen that themalaymail and Bernama are two of the media organisations that dominated the issue of Petronas.