All Eyes on Indonesia’s Palm Oil Exports Ban


Indonesia’s moves to ban palm oil export has gained the media attention.



The news exposure on palm oil topic has received a spike on 25th April  following President Joko Widodo announced that Indonesia to ban palm oil export started this 28th April.





As seen in the chart below, the palm oil topic during the stated timeline has been focusing on Indonesia’s decision in banning palm oil exports as one of the country’s moves to tackle rising domestic cooking oil prices.





The move has threatened to increase global food inflation as Indonesia is one of the largest palm oil producer which accounts 60% of global palm oil production.





Due to Indonesia’s export ban, Zuraida Kamarudin, Minister of Plantation Industry and Commodities, became among the top influencers of palm oil topic during the stated period as she had assured that Malaysia can meet global palm oil demand.



As seen above, Zuraida ranks fourth in the list of influencers of palm oil topic for 13th until 18th April, while in the latest period, Zuraida Kamarudin ranks second with a total of 154 statements has been made following her assurance.




The media has also covered Zuraida’s response on the palm oil topic, in which she is confident that Malaysia can meet global demand for palm oil although Indonesia had announced to ban exports of the commodity.



Zuraida told the media that Malaysia is able to supply palm oil to global markets as the production is expected to rise due to the reopening of the borders, which enable the hiring of foreign workers.