“It is clear that Low cannot get a fair trial in Malaysia,” said Jho Low’s spokesperson

Businessman Low Taek Jho or commonly known as Jho Low is a household name that never shy away from media attention, and all times are for the same reason – 1MDB. On the 4th of December 2018, Inspector-General of Police had confirmed issuing warrant against Low alongside 4 other accomplices over transactions involving Gold Star Ltd and Terengganu Investment Authority (TIA).


1MDB, Jho Low, Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, Equanimity, Billion Dollar Whale


In response to this, Low via his spokesperson had said that he can’t get a fair trial in Malaysia.


According to the top issues, ‘Billion Dollar Whale’, ‘Duit 1MDB’ ‘Luxury Yatch’ ‘Kes Kapal Jho Low Ditahan di Bali’, ‘Fugitive Billionaire Jho Low’, ‘Pembedahan Wajah’ are amongst the issues covered by the media under the topic of ‘Jho Low’ over the course of 1-year. What we can see is that all of these news stem from the same issue and that is – 1MDB.


1MDB, Jho Low, Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator


The dependency graph shows the news exposure between ‘Jho Low with link to 1MDB’ and ‘Jho Low’. We can see that most of the time Jho Low appears in the media, it is in relations to 1MDB.


Looking at the Low’s trend in the media, it seems like whenever there is a mention on him, most times it will be in connection with the scandal. On judicial grounds, prosecutor does not sentence someone based on one’s image in the media. If Low claims to be innocent and believes in the separation of powers in the nation, he should then prove himself of not committing the said offence.