Khairy ‘cozy’ evening with Rafizi, Izzah to plan a new party?

Recently, former UMNO Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin appears to be extra ‘friendly’ towards former PKR vice-presidents Rafizi Ramli and Nurul Izzah raised eyebrows and speculations following their cozy evening in Bangsar yesterday.


In the past, Khairy had once accused PKR President, Anwar Ibrahim for ‘main belakang’ and according to reports quoting the latter’s ex-lawyer N Surendran, Khairy never really apologised or retracted the statement. Thus, to be extra ‘cozy’ with the daughter of the accused from the ‘enemy’ camp came out as a surprising event to some.

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Malaysia Indicator also assess Khairy’s role in UMNO to provide a contrasting evident. After the elections, from April to June, the Rembau MP stands strong as the 4th most influential in the party with 2,536 statements. 3 months forward, Khairy remains active with 1,370 statements.


However, from October to December, it can be seen that he dropped to the 6th position with only 465 statements. This somewhat shows that he is becoming less influential in the party.


Thus, does this mean Khairy is moving towards the opposite side? There were speculations that the three are planning to start a new party as reported by Berita Harian. However, Rafizi responded to the allegation with a joke. His evasive respond seems like there is more to their meeting.


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In Twitter, the network of the topic “UMNO” can be divided into – green, purple and blue clusters. In the case of Khairy, he appears in the middle (blue) between UMNO (purple) and Pakatan Harapan (green) groups.


Looking at his movement, it can be perceived that Khairy has something up his sleeves. According to the network above, the Rembau MP seems to take on a neutral stand; dissociating himself from both Pakatan and UMNO groups by positioning himself in the centre. However, the possibility of forming a new party is not completely out of the picture since all of them have a similarity of not holding any top leadership position in their respective parties.