Lim Kit Siang’s Twitter activity for the past three months


The official account of DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang (@limkitsiang) started to be active again in May after being under the radar from March to April.


However, the total number of tweets that the account made for the past three months was not that significant; 39 tweets in May, 19 in June and 27 in July.


Despite that, Lim’s Twitter account still received a high number of retweets and mentions.



Looking at the tweet density of @limkitsiang for the past three months, it is noticeable that the account tweeted the most on Friday between 10 am and 11 am, with a total of eight tweets. Only a maximum of three tweets were made by the account on other days and time.


For the response, the account received a higher number of feedback from Friday to Sunday. Ironically, @limkitsiang had lesser tweets during the weekend.



Lim’s Twitter account trend also indicates that it is unlikely for the account to tweet after 6 pm.


Plus, in the past three months, the account only made one tweet within the time range of 9 am to 10 am.


Nevertheless, @limkitsiang had a high number of retweets and mentions throughout the day. Lower responses can be seen from 12 am to 8 am as most Twitter users have gone to bed.


Although Lim is not a cabinet member, from time to time he is still active in making comments as a political leader from Pakatan Harapan. With his veteran status in DAP and Malaysia’s political scene, it is not a surprise for the media to report on him.


The same trend goes for his presence in Twitter. Lim still received a high number of responses on his Twitter despite being not so active in tweeting.