The Zakir Naik issue arises again

The issue of Indian preacher Zakir Naik having a permanent resident (PR) status in Malaysia started to rise again during the end of July 2019.


Then, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad confirmed that Malaysia will not extradite Zakir back to his home country as the Interpol refused to issue a red notice on the Islamic preacher.



Today is the second day of August, but the number of news published on Zakir has reached 34 articles.


Whereas, Zakir appeared in 188 articles in June when India’s government requested Zakir to be extradited to stand trial for his money laundering charge.



The most active medium to report on the Islamic preacher for the past week was Sinar Harian with six articles.


Meanwhile, Free Malaysia Today, Malaysia Chronicle and Malay Mail were equally active on the Zakir issue, publishing five articles each.


Additionally, PAS’ newspaper Harakah Daily wrote three articles on Zakir.


According to the trend, it is expected that the issue of granting Zakir permanent residency in Malaysia will blow up even bigger in August compared to June.