“Lone Ranger” Wee Ka Siong

 Before GE-14, Malaysia Indicator had assessed MCA’s position in the political scene. It was predicted that after the 14th general election, MCA would lose its presence in the media due to its rival, DAP.
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Today, MCA is still a well-known political party in Malaysia, but this is because of its past contributions. With only one representative in Dewan Rakyat, MCA moves like a ship without a crew.
Malaysia, Malaysian Indicator, MCA, Wee Ka Siong, Mah Hang Soon, Chew Mei Fun
Looking at MCA’s influencers in the past month, MCA president Wee Ka Siong, who succeed Liow Tiong Lai since November 2018, controls the narrative of the party with 837 statements. He has been active in criticising the government on topics like ECRL project, vernacular school issue, Penang Undersea Tunnel project and etc.
Malaysia, Malaysian Indicator, MCA, Wee Ka Siong, Mah Hang Soon, Chew Mei Fun
Unfortunately, he seems to be fighting the battle alone as he did not receive much support from his party members. MCA deputy president Mah Hang Soon only gave 144 statements in the past month while its secretary-general Chew Mei Fun came out with 121 statements.
The MCA president’s recent attack towards the government is regarding the necessity of Kulim International Airport, describing it as a ‘white elephant’. Looking at MCA today, Wee Ka Siong seems to be the only person that is playing the role as an opposition to keep MCA relevant.
However, like how every ship needs a captain, and every captain needs its crew, can Wee Ka Siong “resurrect” MCA without the members’ support?