Media focusing on Pharmaniaga deals instead of efficiency for Sinovac

Malaysia media focusing more on Sinovac deal with Pharmaniaga instead of the effectiveness of the vaccines.



The top issue shows that the deal made between Pharmaniaga and Sinovach Biotech is the focus of the media between 11th to 14th December 2020.


Pharmaniaga struck a deal with Sinovac Biotech securing 14 million of their vaccines and will be distributed by the end of March.


Not only did they get the vaccines, but the vaccines by Sinovac will also be made by Pharmaniaga starting March.




The news exposure for the Sinovac Biotech rises suddenly in December 2020, which was the first time Sinovac was in the talks for Malaysia to procure more vaccines.


In January 2021, the news on Sinovac was slow but on 11th to the 14th day, the news exposure rises again after Pharmaniaga sign a deal with Sinovac.



Sinovac is mainly a topic that is covered mainly by English media as shown in the list for both weeks but the during 4th to 10th January 2021, the week SInovac is not the focus, only one Malay media is present.


Earlier, Brazil government announced that Sinovac vaccine was merely 50.4% effective, barely over the 50% needed for regulatory approval.