Media Response To The Nomination of Ismail Sabri as PM Candidate





Malay Media dominated the news coverage on Ismail Sabri, eye on his nomination as the next Prime Minister in GE-15 for UMNO.



However, Berita Harian did not seem to appear among other listed media despite being one of the media that has a strong standpoint in political news.



On 15th April, it can be seen that the news exposure on Ismail Sabri soared following the announcement by Umno on the proposal of the vice-president being the next Prime Minister candidate in GE15.



Free Malaysia Today (FMT) became the media that shared the most information on that news within the same day.





On the date stated, most media organizations are more focused on the news about Ismail Sabri who is said to be the candidate of the next Prime Minister in the next GE to speed up the process of dissolving the parliament.



However, PAS president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang does not see a need to come up with a prime minister candidate so soon, saying it is up to Malaysian voters to decide the party they want to govern the country in the next general election.





As seen on the list of topic influencers of Ismail Sabri, most of the UMNO leaders dominated the topic. This is because most of the leaders who issued statements were from the party itself.



Meanwhile, Anwar Ibrahim and Abdul Hadi Awang were the only two leaders from different parties to make remarks against Ismail Sabri, stating that they do not see the need to choose the Prime Minister candidate so soon.