Anwar Leading PKR GE-15 Narration





Anwar remained the focus on PKR, despite the comeback of Rafizi to the political scene.



However, most believed that this upcoming GE15 will be Anwar’s last as PKR president, as he had laid out his succession plan before the leadership during a party retreat in February before the Johor elections.





According to the following chart, Anwar Ibrahim got a higher voice share than Rafizi Ramli during the stated period. However, Rafizi Ramli has more discussion and concern on PKR’s internal issues such as his expectations of the party in the next GE.



Rafizi Ramli has been told by a Selangor PKR leader to focus on his campaign for the party deputy president’s post instead of spending his time “predicting” Pakatan Harapan’s future in the state.



His recent warning to PH and PKR against being overconfident about retaining Selangor in GE15 appeared to undermine the hard work of Amirudin Shari’s administration.





Among the influencers who are closely linked to the ontology of PKR leaders are Anwar Ibrahim and Rafizi Ramli, following the statements made about PKR in GE15.