Mess at IKEA Penang after its grand opening

A new IKEA store located at Batu Kawan, Penang opened its door on March 14. The store not only caught the public attention for its grand opening, but also because of the mess that the visitors made.


The furniture mall is the fourth IKEA outlet in Malaysia, plus the result of RM650 million investment made by the Swedish company.


But the grand opening was overshadowed by its visitors’ behaviour. Photos surfaced online showing messy displays caused by visitors.


Naturally, netizens started to criticize the commotion. Some called out Penangites for having the ‘Jakun’ attitude and the vandalism they committed.


Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, IKEA, Penang, Batu Kawan


Meanwhile, another group of netizens blame the education and mentality of Malaysians as a whole.


Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, IKEA, Penang, Batu Kawan


There are netizens who relate the mess with a similar incident that happened at an IKEA outlet in China, whereby visitors confused the store as a theme park or their own bedroom, not to mention the elderly coming in everyday treating it as a café.


Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, IKEA, Penang, Batu Kawan


Nevertheless, the embarrassing incident happened and became viral on the Internet. Will this commotion become a lesson to Malaysians or will a similar incident happen again in the future?