MoU out of focus within Chinese media

The MoU topic was not the Chinese media’s prime focus although news exposure on MoU spiked after the signing ceremony.


As seen in the analytics, MoU only gained the Chinese media’s attention on 13th September, which was the day of its signing, but subsided after the 14th September despite reaching its peak that day.


Nonetheless, the news exposure for MoU remained consistent throughout the timeframe even though it was relatively low after its peak.



However, the data indicated that the Chinese media mainly emphasized in quoting PH politicians rather than PN politicians when it comes to the MoU topic.


As shown in the data, Lim Guan Eng and Loke Siew Fook have been quoted the most among the PH politicians.


Meanwhile, within the PN politicians, Ismail Sabri and Muhyiddin Yassin was the quoted the most in the Chinese media.



The pie chart below indicates that Oriental Daily, Guang Ming Daily, and Sin Chew Daily provided more than 60% of total news related to MoU.



By looking at the netizen comments below, quite a lot of them showed their support to MoU while some of them reminded the politicians to focus more on helping the people.



However, PH politicians have also received some criticism from the public as some felt that they were not prioritizing the people.