Keluarga Malaysia: The Inter-twined Narrations

The national agenda, Keluarga Malaysia has been associated with other national issues such as MoU and RMK-12 by the Chinese media lately.


Looking at the prominent influencers’ statistics, the Prime Minister Ismail Sabri, he was quoted the most when the Chinese media was relating economy issues with “Keluarga Malaysia”.



Further breakdown also indicated that for the Opposition leaders, including Lim Guan Eng, Nga Kor Ming and Anwar Ibrahim have been quoted the most when MoU was related with “Keluarga Malaysia”.


The analytics has also shown that “Keluarga Malaysia” has sustained its news exposure since its introduction with the highest exposure recorded on the 3rd October.



During the first month of its introduction, the data has indicated that almost equal percentage is visible for Oriental Daily and Sin Chew Daily of 21.4% and 21.5% respectively in terms of media share.