Nazri voiced his support for Anwar


On September 13, UMNO Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz made a sensational announcement when he said that he will support PKR president Anwar Ibrahim for the upcoming Port Dickson by-election. Undoubtedly, his decision drew criticisms from both side of the parties. As we can see from the top issue of “Nazri – PD” topic, majority of the news are feedbacks towards Nazri’s announcement.



Looking at the influencers, Anwar took the number one spot because his name was mentioned every time people mentioned Nazri and Port Dickson together. Yet, he did reply on the matter, stating that he is open to any help for the by-election. Undoubtedly, the matter drew UMNO president Zahid Hamidi’s attention. He disagreed with Nazri but there will be no disciplinary action taken on him.


Meanwhile, the rest of the influencers made a one-time address on the matter leading to a similar amount of statements. On the UMNO side, Khairy Jamaluddin and Annuar Musa labelled Nazri as a betrayer, while Shahidan Kassim followed Nazri’s footsteps.


Besides, DAP Ramkarpal Singh oppose the idea of collaboration with an UMNO politician. PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang expressed that his party will contest in the by-election if UMNO decided to not participate.