Puteri made Nora Danish famous for the second time


Local celebrity Nora Danish had a fluctuating number of tweets on her Twitter account from January to July 2019.


She tweeted the most in June with a total of 152 tweets, while her least active month was February with 86 tweets.


However, the response that she received was significantly low with less than 200 retweets and mentions for each month. The exception can be witnessed in May when she suddenly received over 15 thousand retweets and mentions.



The high number of feedback she received lasted from May 1 to 3 before fading away on the following days.


Nora’s sudden popularity on Twitter was linked to her Instagram entry on April 30. Then, she uploaded a video of her re-enacting the intro scene of ‘Puteri’, the sitcom drama that launched her to stardom.



Additionally, the director of Puteri, Aziz M. Osman shared Nora’s Instagram post on his official Twitter page along with the caption “cam pernah dengar je intro ni” which simply translates to “I think I’ve heard this intro before”.



The tweet alone garnered over 28,000 tweets and 21,000 likes with many netizens expressing that they missed the show.