Samsung may surpass Apple in the 5G game, but Huawei is willing to help

Last Friday, Samsung unveiled their multi-node Exynos 5G modem chip that will propel their users into the world of hyper speed cellular network. Naturally, the new chip would be sold to Samsung’s competitors to gain profit, but one of the would not be Apple.


Before jumping to conclusions, this is not Samsung boycotting Apple. Reports indicate that Samsung’s production has only enough chips for themselves, and because Samsung would not want to turn down a business deal this big.


That being said, Apple might have to look to other places for 5G technology to launch their new iPhone 2020, or delay their launch to 2021.


This would all have been fine if Apple was not battling a lawsuit with Qualcomm (one of the 5G modem developers). Qualcomm accuses Apple for leaking trade secrets to Intel (Qualcomm’s rival), breaking a master software agreement between both parties, and reports indicate Apple is losing the battle.


But in other news, Huawei already has their Balong 5000 5G modem chip working in the recently launched Huawei Mate 20X. And according to reports, they are willing to strike a deal with Apple, if they could not settle their legal battle on time.


It is curious why Huawei would lend a helping hand in Apple’s time of need, given their past complicated relationship. As it turns out, the company stands to make a lot of money from Apple, and possibly for feeling the triumph of getting paid by a rival company.


But paying Huawei is not the only problem Apple has, the US government and the Chinese phone manufacturer have not been in good terms. This is likely due to the US government’s statement on Huawei for theft, fraud, and spying through their devices.


For Apple, to accept this offer may create a publicity nightmare for themselves. But time waits for no one, and Apple either has to delay their launch or finalize their decision.