Shifting Mode of Cat Food Purchasing


Customers are increasingly turning to digital shops for variety of reasons, and this development has an impact on the demand for pet product items that are available in the market online.



While purchasing pet products online provides a wide range of goods and services, pet owners are beginning to engage in online shopping more frequently, which is predicted to increase online pet product sales.





As majority of pet owners are inclined on having cats as their pets, it can be seen that cat food and treats stand out the most among other categories in the distribution of products.



The rising trend of pet humanization has made pet owners more aware of the need of providing their pets with the best nutritious food. Hence, by purchasing pet food online, cat owners will be able to choose the right pet food from various shops according to what they require.





Due to its excellent nutritional content, cat food is becoming increasingly popular in Malaysia. It helps cats avoid health issues such as food allergies, obesity, and a sensitive stomach by being easily digestible.



Thus, the top products sold under the pets’ category has been mostly on pets’ vitamins and nutritious foods. This shows that most cat owners chose premium cat food that contains vitamins and nutrients to ensure cats receive high-quality food that will not impair their inner health.





It was found on the e-commerce platform that majority of sellers have sold items under cat food and treats category. Moreover, many of the products under the car food and treats received 5 star rating.



This has reassured most cat owners that buying cat food online is safe and will not risk the health of their cats, although not being able to test the food physically.