Attention on Food Security


The food security is still among the ongoing concerns for the country as the global supply chain has not improve yet.



Hence, the nation’s food security has gained media attention as many people from consumers and food industry players are getting more worried about the nation’s food supply.





To cope with the current food security crisis, the Agriculture and Food Industries Minister Ronald Kiandee announce that the Technical Committee To Tackle Food Security Issues would meet on Monday (June 27) to monitor the status of the country’s food supplies and the implementation of intervention actions to tackle the food supply issue.



Due to that, the trending keywords for the food security topic on the stated period shows prominent appearance of keywords such as ‘Ronald Kiandee’ and ‘Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries’ during the stated period.





Meanwhile, the food security topic’s narration was visible to be controlled by the ruling coalition for two different timelines.



It was also discovered in the recent timeline that the ruling coalition has dominated the analysis for food security topic, as the media actively quoted statements from the ruling coalition.



However, the recent period also shows increasing number of Opposition in the analysis, indicating that the topic has been politicized.