There are more to the cumulative name “Orang Asli”

Orang Asli is a cumulative name for the indigenous people living in Peninsular Malaysia. Their population only consist of 178,197 people, which is approximately 0.5% of the whole Malaysia population. Besides, there are only 853 Orang Asli villages spread across the Peninsular.


As a marginalised minority, Orang Asli can still be breakdown into three ethnic groups based on their languages and customs, there are Senoi, Proto-Malay and Negrito. Looking from the tribe perspective, there are 18 tribes of Orang Asli in Malaysia with Semai, Jakun, Temiar and Temuan being the majority.


To understand more about the location of ethnic groups and tribes of Orang Asli, Malaysia Indicator provide infographic showing the Orang Asli population statistic.