Tun Mahathir Message Strategy – GE14?

Many people are wondering until now, what made Pakatan Harapan win the GE14. Some of them saying that it is Tun Mahathif factor, in managing public perception. Malaysia Indicator will try to analyse that opinion.


When we play with perception, messages are the most important component. In this article we try to analyse the message that Tun Mahathir deliver to public. Based on media analysis, in most of “ceramah” Tun Mahathir brought the issue of how the government stealing money through 1MDB and how people suffering from the GST implementation. We found out no other new message that Tun Mahathir delivered.


Unfortunately, we were aware that issue of 1MDB was brought to media by DAP MP Tony Pua and GST was consistently exposed by PKR MP Rafizi Ramli. In fact both of them was exposing those issues not only in media but also in various forums.


The data below showing a very interesting fact. Before 2015, Tony Pua and Rafizi were dominating the exposure compared to Tun Mahathir. Somehow, after 2015, we can see a different composition of influencer. Tun Mahathir was dominating the influencer exposure compared to Tony Pua or Rafizi Ramli.



The analysis above can give us some insight that actually there was no new message brought Tun Mahathir, as the issue has been brought by the two MPs from Pakatan Rakyat before. So, does it mean that the issue did not give any effect in the GE14? We have to see from different perspective. Tun Mahathir did not create new messages, however he amplified the existing messages that had been brought before. In the better picture, we can see from the diagram below.