Tun M’s secret: Sleep less, stay active

“Less sleep and staying active” is Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s secret to life and the reason for his energy and stamina at the age of 93.


“If you get tired and go to bed and do not think, do not conceive ideas, do not argue, don’t find solutions to problems, don’t use your brain – it loses its capacity,” said the Prime Minister.


According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep needs vary across the ages, and also depend on lifestyle and health.



However, genetic mutations of individuals may give them different hours of sleep needs.


Sleep deprivation can result in negative feelings, decreased mental performance, and poor cognitive performance.


Tips for better sleep include keeping a fixed sleeping schedule throughout the week, having a calming bedtime routine and reducing the usage of electronic devices before bedtime.


In addition, good sleep is as vital as eating healthily and getting enough exercise. Doing all three will keep one’s mind and body running properly.