Twitter activities of Youth DAP leaders


The dependency chart compares the Twitter exposure of several youth DAP leaders like Hannah Yeoh, Yeo Bee Yin, Ong Kian Ming and Steven Sim.


As observed, Hannah Yeoh and Steven Sim are the most active users of Twitter among the four accounts in 2019.


Steven had a fluctuating tweeting trend, he produced more tweets in May and June, but slumped during the second half of the year. In November, he made less than 50 tweets.


Hannah also had a fluctuating tweeting trend. She was most active in tweeting in March and May. Her tweeting rate slowed down in September but managed to recover in the following months.



For the recent development, Steven barely took up 10% of the share of voice, while Hannah maintained her presence.


Contrary to Steven’s decreasing tweeting trend, it is noticeable that Ong Kian Ming built his presence on Twitter during the second half of 2019. Recently, Ong’s presence took up almost half of the voice share.


Meanwhile, Yeo Bee Yin tweeted the least among the four DAP youth politicians.



Regardless, Yeo’s low number of tweets did not stop the public from communicating with her on the social media platform.


According to media intelligence, Yeo’s Twitter account was flooded with retweets and mentions in March due to the Pasir Gudang pollution crisis.


Interestingly, Steven received a low number of feedback despite being active in tweeting.



Ong, who has been increasing his tweeting rate also fails to gather a high number of feedback. His engagement rate appears to be stagnant for the past months.


Overall, Hannah has the best engagement rate among the four DAP youth politicians.