UMNO Causing Chaos in PN

The UMNO-PPBM relationship which have gone sour after several controversies have also caused several UMNO leaders to dominate Perikatan Nasional’s narration.



The Perikatan Nasional topic’s influencer lists show that PPBM President Muhyiddin Yassin did not appear in the list from 4th to 9th January.


Even when he appeared on the 10th to 12th January list, he was still surpassed by Nazri Aziz who have been leading the list since 7th January.


Furthermore, the influencer lists show that there are more political leaders opposing Perikatan Nasional rather than defending it.


Therefore, this gives a negative perspective on the PN-led government if this continues to prolong.



The PN topic’s top issues also showed that other news linked to the government is overshadowed by UMNO’s controversies.


Some of the controversies are Annuar Musa’s sacking as BN and MN’s secretary-general, Nazri Aziz and Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub’s withdrawal from supporting Muhyiddin and 143 UMNO divisions refusing to pact with PPBM in GE15.



Meanwhile, the news sentiments of the dependency on the political parties in Malaysia shows that UMNO has the most negative news sentiments than DAP, PPBM, PKR and PAS.