UMNO in Disarray

The deputy president of UMNO, Muhammad Hasan or familiarly known as Tok Mat, has taken over UMNO’s narration from Annuar Musa after UMNO’s president, Zahid Hamidi, was urged to step down from his post.



Annuar Musa have been dominating the narration since early January after he was sacked from his position as BN and MN’s secretary-general.


Tok Mat have taken over UMNO’s narration this week after Zahid Hamidi was attacked by their own comrades.


Despite being in the top 5 for three consecutive weeks, Zahid Hamidi still does not lead UMNO’s narration despite being the president of the party.


Tok Mat later defended Zahid by stating that it was not proper for UMNO members to urge Zahid to step down as president and no one will benefit if UMNO divides.



The focus of the media is currently on the issue of UMNO members wanting Zahid Hamidi to quit as the president.


Both the Perak youth and Paya Besar division have stated their displeasure against Zahid.



Tok Mat advised UMNO members to respect their president as it is against UMNO’s moral and culture.