Which cinema is the closest to Kelantan?

In recent light of the Kelantan state government’s decision to continue with banning cinemas in the state, some Terengganu-ians tweeted on Kelantanese traveling to the cinema at Kuala Terengganu despite claiming that they are “okay” with the ban.


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So, if a Kelantanese lives in the state capital, Kota Bahru, how long will he/she take to travel to the cinema at Kuala Terengganu?


Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, Kelantan, cinema ban


According to the map provided by Google, it is roughly a 3-hour drive from Kelantan to reach the cinema located at Paya Bunga Sentral, Kuala Terengganu. Plus, it will be a long ride with a distance of 166km.


While some may think that the duration is too long, but it is actually much shorter compared to before 2017. The cinema at Kuala Terengganu was launched in March 2017. Prior to that, Kelantanese people have to travel to Kemaman to watch a movie.


Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, Kelantan, cinema ban


This meant they used to travel for four hours just to catch a film.


It has been 30 years since Kelantan had a cinema (Lido Cinema at Jalan Pos Office Lama) until it was shut down when PAS took over the state government from BN in 1990.


The best alternative for Kelantanese to watch a movie will be through the Internet. Will the cinema ban lead to piracy in the state?