Abdul Hamid Bador returns as deputy IGP

Datuk Seri Abdul Hamid Bador has been appointed as the new deputy IGP (Inspector-General of Police). Prior to this, he was the director of Bukit Aman Special Branch. Cumulatively, the new deputy IGP has served the force for 37 years.


Interestingly, Abdul Hamid was asked to leave the force in 2015. He was discreetly transferred to the Prime Minister’s Department to oversee security and transnational issues. Besides this, he was told to report his findings directly to Prime Minister’s Department.


However, Abdul Hamid insisted that there were issues with 1MDB, and sought to carry out a full investigation based on the intelligence gathered by the Special Branch. He added that there were “unseen forces” giving him a hard time there.


Nevertheless, Abdul Hamid was reinstated into the force at Bukit Aman on the 23rd of May 2018, after GE-14. His return to the police force is a welcomed one as he was one of the numerous 1MDB critics.


For his appointment, he said that he accepts the positive change and asked to protect the security of the people and the nation, and that he will not be seeking revenge on the past government.


The position of deputy IGP was handed over to him by Noor Rashid Ibrahim, who retires after extending his term till March 15, 2019 as opposed to his initial retirement date which was on March 17, 2018. With heavy heart and tears, Noor expressed sadness on leaving his position but is thankful that he gets to spend more time with family.