AirAsia’s Twitter account received higher traction on weekends despite making more tweets on weekdays


According to media intelligence, AirAsia’s Twitter account made the most tweets on Wednesday for the past one-month.


More than 15 tweets were made on Wednesday, while less than 10 tweets were published on other days of the week.


However, the retweets and mentions trend does not reflect the tweeting pattern of AirAsia’s Twitter account.


The account received the highest number of feedbacks on Saturday, reaching almost 4,000 retweets and mentions. On the contrary, AirAsia’s Twitter account made the least number of tweets on that day.


Additionally, it is observed that the account had higher interaction rate during the weekend, from Friday to Sunday.


Although the page made the most tweets on Wednesday, the retweets and mentions received by the account on that day barely hit the 2,000 mark.



Undoubtedly, data shows that AirAsia’ Twitter account was most mentioned with @tonyfernandes, the official Twitter account of AirAsia Berhad co-founder and chief executive officer Tony Fernandes. In the past month, Tony was tagged in over 1000 tweets along with Air Asia.



Recently, AirAsia came under media attention after Tony announced on Twitter that he will be stepping down from his board positions in AirAsia Berhad. He stated that he wants to make way for new leaders as the reason behind his move.


Nevertheless, he will still be holding his positions in Air AirAsia Group and AirAsia X Berhad.


The announcement was highlighted on the AirAsia’s top issue chart, which can be seen in ‘stepping back’, ‘next generation’, ‘first step’.