The interaction rate of Gobind Singh’s Twitter has been declining for the past three months

Gobind Singh Deo was appointed as the Minister of Communication and Multimedia following Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) victory in GE-14. His appointment made him the first Malaysian of Sikh ethnicity to become a federal minister.



Looking at the activity of Gobind’s Twitter page, a fluctuating trend was spotted in its number of monthly tweets in 2019.


The page was less active in tweeting during the beginning of the year, in January and February. But in the following months, Gobind’s Twitter page increased its tweeting frequency.


Although a lesser number of tweets was made in July, the page swiftly improved its tweeting frequency in the subsequent months, August and September.


For the feedback, the page received a high number of retweets and mentions in January, almost reaching 10k comments. This is in contrast to the lower number of tweets made in that respective month.


Upon further inspection, it was revealed that a big portion of retweets and mentions were about the suggestion of providing a toll-free number for the 24-hour suicide prevention hotline, Befriender.


Besides January, the page also displayed high traction from March to June which corresponded to the high number of tweets made in the respective months.


However, it is observed that the page suffered a decline in its interaction rate in the ensuing months.



In terms of tweet density, Gobind’s Twitter page does not have a scheduled time of tweeting in the past month. Nevertheless, the page was less likely to tweet in the morning compared to the second half of the day. Most tweets were made between 3pm to 6pm.


As for the density of retweets & mentions, the page received feedback until the wee hours. However, a higher density is observed during the regular hours, from 8am to 8pm.