Weekends’ Flash Floods Gain Traction


Flood was once again back to the spotlight after the ongoing downpours in the recent weekends in Selangor and Johor.



It is reported that the Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam, which was among the area in Selangor that badly affected by the flood in December last year, to be flooded once again. However, the flood did not impact any houses and was later announced to be subdued.



Nonetheless, it was different in Johor as some temporary relief centres (PPS) were opened to save affected families due to the nonstop rain during the weekends.



As some areas were impacted, the flood-Malaysia topic was seen to be gaining the media attention over the weekends.





Further analysis on the flood-Malaysia topic also shows that the keywords appeared were related with the areas that affected by the flash flood over the weekends because of the continuous downpours.



It was also visible that the keyword ‘Taman Sri Muda’ became more prominent during the 14th – 21st August compared to the past 30 days, indicating that the media frequently mentioned the keywords with the topic.





Looking at the top influencers related with the topic, the ruling coalition continues to dominate and lead the narration related with the topic.



Moreover, the number of Oppositions in the recent timeline has decreased, indicating that the Oppositions barely used the topic as a political tool to attack the government’s credibility.