Average monthly household income of the T20 in Klang Valley is above RM20,000

According to the statistic from Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM), the average monthly household income of the B40 group is at RM2,848, while the M40 group has an average income of RM6,502. On the other hand, the average income of the T20 group is at 16,088. From here we can see the huge gap between the B40 and M40 with the T20.


Looking at the location with highest cost of living, Kuala Lumpur, the average household income of the B40 is at RM5,257 and the M40 is at RM10,823. But for the T20, the average household income is at RM26,306. The income disparity is even wider when we compared the B40 an M40 with the T20 in Malaysia’s largest city.


If we compare within the T20, Klang Valley has the average income of more than RM20,000. Following, the T20 at Federal Territory of Labuan has the average household income of RM19,189. Accordingly, the next state is Penang with the T20 household earning RM14,497 a month. From here, we can see that there is also a wide income disparity within the T20.