Almost 10,000 fire cases increased from 2015 to 2016


Looking at the fire statistics in Malaysia, the number of fire cases had significantly increased from 40,865 in 2015 to 49,875 in 2016. That is almost 10,000 more cases in a period of a year. In Peninsular Malaysia, Selangor records the highest number of fire incidents at 8,161 cases while Perlis records the least at 1,087 cases in 2016.


In East Malaysia, Sabah has the highest number of cases; almost 3 times more of Sarawak at 4,620 cases. It is also interesting to note that while Sabah has more cases, it houses lesser number of fire stations compared to Sarawak. In 2016, Sarawak has 29 fire stations while Sabah has 21. However, the number of fire stations in Malaysia as a whole are increasing in number from 273 (2014) to 279 (2015) to 282 (2016).


And although Pahang is the biggest state, it has a lower number of fire cases (2,938) when compared to the second largest state Perak with 6,576 incidents.


Generally, number of fire cases in Malaysia are worrying. Many of these fires could be avoided if we pay attention on little things that matters such as proper inspections and electrical safety. It becomes an issue when one acts ignorant towards these things and becomes a bigger problem when one’s negligence and carelessness involves the lives of other people.