Becoming the 8th Malaysia Prime Minister

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Prior to GE-14, PKR president Anwar Ibrahim has higher exposure compared to former PKR president Wan Azizah Ismail despite still serving his time in jail for his second sodomy charge.


In May, Pakatan Harapan won GE-14 and Wan Azizah was elected as the Deputy Prime Minister. Also, in that month, Anwar was released from prison and pardoned by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Then, we can see that Anwar exposure has decreased for the next two months. Meanwhile, Wan Azizah popularity increase in July.


Nevertheless, Wan Azizah exposure reduced after that. Whereas, Anwar received media spotlight in September when he announced that he will competing for the Port Dickson parliamentary seat which he won later. Later, his popularity swiftly reduced after PKR leadership election.


From here, we can see that every time he became famous in the media are about his return into politics, from being released from prison to becoming PKR president and Port Dickson MP.


Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, Anwar Ibrahim, Perdana Menteri, Prime Minister


For the past one-month period, only a few people in the government mentioned Anwar in their statements. Mahathir only gave 300 statements on Anwar, which is very little compared to the amount of statements Anwar gave (1,850 statements). Simultaneously, Saifuddin Nasution mentioned Anwar in 222 statements and it is related to PKR. Interestingly, Wan Azizah did not appeared in his influencer list. Maybe, she avoids mentioning Anwar so that she won’t be call out for practicing nepotism.


He seems to be distanced from the government and become famous in the media for his own political journey. Will the people accept him when he become the next Malaysia Prime Minister?