Cukai Makmur: Heeded Topic

Cukai Makmur was among the media’s top focus following the Budget 2022 tabled by finance minister Zafrul Aziz.


Aside from the Prosperity Tax and the budget tabling, the media has also focused on the ringgit opening lower in Bursa Malaysia.



However, from the economists’ point of view, some have stated that the move was regarded as a big surprise and some are concerned on how the additional tax will impact many businesses.



On the other hand, for the past three years, 29.3% of companies have made an average profit of RM100 million to RM250 million, while 15.29% made more than one billion profit.



Hence, this shows that this is in contrast of several opinions on how the tax will be a threat to business confidence as there are a significant number of companies that are raking more profits.

The analytics show that among all the industries, finance and utilities gained the most revenue for the past three years.



Meanwhile, the influencers list also shows that the Opposition are more focused on the Budget 2022 in general, while the Cukai Makmur gained more opinions from the economists and industry players.



On a side note, the attention on Cukai Makmur has also dimmed down after the tabling of Budget 2022, proving that the matter was only notable among the business groups.