International Report on DNB Making Headlines in Local Medias

The Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) established by the government as a centralised wholesale 5G network in the country, has received the attention of international media.


On November 10, Reuters claimed that no agreement had been reached by DNB with local carriers, citing transparency and pricing issues.


The Reuters’ report has gained the focus of the local media as well as the Opposition who urged the government to review the plans for a state-owned 5G network.



The two PKR lawmakers, Syed Ibrahim Noh and Fahmi Fadzil, have called on authorities to be more open and transparent in its dealings on the project, as many were concerned and had doubts about the initiative.


The statements made by the Opposition have gained the local media attention as keywords such as ‘Parti Keadilan Rakyat’ and ‘Ibrahim Noh’ were visible from 11th November until 13th November.



Moreover, the news exposure related with DNB in November has also gained its peak on November 10 due to the local media coverage of the Reuters report.



However, a day later after the Reuters report, DNB refuted the claims, saying it had not even begun formal negotiations with the telcos.


DNB further clarified that extensive discussions have been and are taking place with the telcos on the country’s 5G rollout, under the provision of MCMC.


The explanation given by DNB was among the media focus for topic related with DNB from 8th November until 13th November, as depicted in the data.