Discover Petaling Jaya’s Affordable and Desirable Properties




Upon further analysis of Petaling Jaya, it was discovered that the vicinity bearing the postcode 47301, comprising townships such as PJU 1A and PJU 2, is teeming with various properties.


There are a few types of properties such as commercial, factory and residential.





Additionally, when it comes to residential properties, Petaling Jaya is predominantly characterized by a higher concentration of terrace houses.



Townhouse has the lowest percentage of citizens live at Petaling Jaya which is only 1.46%.






According to the diagram, service residence is the most property type at Petaling Jaya and can be categorized as affordable.



The cost range of this particular type is significantly lower in comparison to other options.



In summary, all property types offer a comparatively affordable price range and could lead to the decision of people to choose the type of property to live in.