Dissatisfaction brewing in Wangsa Maju

April was a heated month for both BN and PH. Internal dissent intensified as both coalitions name polls candidate. Within MCA itself, there were a lot of things going on including the sacking of 12 MCA members who are believed to be switching allegiances to the other side.


The nomination is also said to have brought MCA and its ‘instructor’, UMNO closer whereby they had reached consensus in their candidacy.


It is clear that there are still unresolved feelings between UMNO and MCA in Wangsa Maju.


This sort of internal dissent between UMNO and his little brother might just be something that the opposition harp on to snatch the seat in GE14.



It can be seen that MCA, Yew Teong Look getting almost no mention. He is not spoken of by the those covered by the media, as opposed to UMNO’s Shafei Abdullah who has a better representation within the people of Wangsa Maju.


PKR’s, Datin Tan Yee Kew whom created buzz in April by not bringing her IC also witness a decline in opinions. PAS’s Razali Tumiran is out of the question.


So, it is a battle between MCA and PKR; who’s to win in Wangsa Maju, is something that is interesting to watch.