DS Najib Razak still the face of Barisan Nasional

Former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak may have finally found his bearings when he prided himself on becoming the “king of trolls” on social media.

As defeated leader, he is seen taking his ‘reign’ onto social media. In a recent development, DS Najib trolled Federal Territories Minister Khalid Samad while campaigning for Barisan Nasional in Cameron Highland. He also caused a stir on social media when he uploaded a picture of him posing on a Yamaha motorcycle with the phrase “Malu apa, bossku”.

Despite the fact that his communication is strategy is rather unconventional, it has successfully drawn the attention of the media, making him the “face of Barisan Nasional”.

Barisan Nasional, Najib Razak,

In a month period, Najib Razak became one of the top influencers when it comes to Barisan Nasional, only one position behind the candidate he is supporting. If we were to put the period in 3 months, Najib and Mahathir still topped the chart.

Barisan Nasional, Najib Razak,

With calculated posts, memes poking fun at certain issues aimed to deliver message, DS Najib may be provoking a good laugh, however, it remained to be seen if Najib could sway public opinion. Nevertheless, if the government failed to address issues close to the public’s heart, then there’s a chance people could look at DS Najib’s arguments or his points as an alternative.

Barisan Nasional, Najib Razak,

  It remained a question why there is no other prominent figures such as Khairy Jamaluddin or leader of other component parties from Barisan Nasional taking the stage of Barisan Nasional. Does Barisan Nasional want the most controversial figure in the country hold the image of the coalition?