Johor has Three Formation of State Government in Two Years


Johor was the most discussed state in the media back then as there was divisive split between PH and PN, 28 state seats for each sides.


Then, Pemanis assemblyman Dr Chong Fat Full left PKR and support PN as an independent. Hence, the collapse of PH’s Johor state government.



Then, UMNO’s Hasni Mohammad was appointed as the Menteri Besar of Johor. There difference in the number of state seats between UMNO and PPBM was only three.


Since UMNO has majority seats in the state, Johor PPBM was reported to give up the state leader position for their new political ally.


Johor is considered as stronghold for both PPBM and UMNO, being the home state of Muhyiddin and also the birthplace of UMNO.


The decision seems to be made to honour the new-found alliance.



Towards the end of April 2020, it was revealed that UMNO vice-president and former Menteri Besar of Johor Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin has been appointed as chairman for Boustead Holdings and Yayasan Pasir Gudang.


It was rumoured that certain politicians in Johor PPBM were dissatisfied with Khaled’s appointment, claiming that the party has been side-lined, priorities were given to UMNO leaders in return for their support.


Additionally, it was also revealed that PPBM Johor sacrificed the leadership over the state government, hoping for better treatment in the future but was disappointed with Khaled’s appointment.



Johor PPBM chief Mazlan Bujang denied the conflict between PPBM and UMNO in Johor.


He said that Permas assemblyman Che Zakarai was disappointed with Khaled’s appointment as Yayasan Pasir Gudang chairman, Permas district was situated in Pasir Gudang constituency.


However, he was later calmed down as he has been appointed as the chairman of South East Johore Development Authority (KEJORA).



Days before the reopening of Johor state legislative assembly, Pakatan Johor decided to not proceed with the no-confidence motion against its newly-elected MB.


The assembly was attended by Muhyiddin Yassin under the capacity as Gambir assemblyman.


It was a peaceful assembly as both PN and PH abide to the decree made by the Sultan of Johor, which is to work together and focus on the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.