The Bumiputera Policy Dissatisfaction

The opposition take over the narration of the 12th Malaysian Plan (12MP) announced by the government on 27th September, especially on the Bumiputera Equity Policy.


From “12MP” topic influencer list, the opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim dominated from 26th until 28th September as Anwar expressed his dissatisfaction towards the Bumiputera Policy.


The opposition leader has questioned the purpose of the policy, whether it would benefit low-income bumiputeras. The opposition leader further added that equity would benefit only “crony companies”.



Anwar Ibrahim appears as the second most quoted individuals in “12MP” influencer lists, overtaking all others influencer who previously dominating the narration.


Mustapa Mohamed and Annuar Musa, both appearing as the influencer for “12MP” losses their ground, dropping from the top influencer to 5th position and 4th to 9th position respectively.


However, in a broader picture, the focus of the media was still mainly on the revelation of the 12MP by the Prime Minister during the parliament, comparing to the criticism raised by the opposition on the Bumiputera Equity Policy.